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Personal Statements: Create A Structure That Inspires You

Are you a rebel who resists the status quo? If so, there's a good chance the traditional essay format is not for you. Don't despair! You have options.

This year, I've worked with students who identify as artists, creative empaths, social justice warriors, eco-feminists, makers, science nerds, social media mavens, and entrepreneurial innovators. They felt compelled to re-imagine their personal statement to reflect their unique perspectives.

What structural format allows you to connect to a zone of creative expression? See what happens when you're true to the structure that you decide to establish. Feel free to go all-out. You can write a letter to your inner-artist, a speech to the members of the jury in your mind, a mission statement for your ideal company. The possibilities are infinite.

Trust your mind/heart/soul. That's your treasure. Don't cut yourself off from the gift of your insights. Once you've got a draft, examine it for consistency. (Rambling, unfocused writing isn't going to work.) The goal is to produce a piece of writing that adheres to a consistent structure, the one that allows your authentic self to shine through.

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