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Personal Statements: Create A Structure That Inspires You

Are you a rebel who resists the status quo? If so, there's a good chance the traditional essay format is not for you. Don't despair! You have options.

I've worked with students who identify as artists, creative empaths, social justice warriors, eco-feminists, makers, science nerds, social media mavens, and entrepreneurial innovators. They felt compelled to re-imagine their personal statement to reflect their unique perspectives.

What structural format allows you to connect to a zone of creative expression? See what happens when you're true to the structure that you decide to establish. Feel free to go all-out. You can write a letter to your inner-artist, a speech to the members of the jury in your mind, a mission statement for your ideal company. The possibilities are infinite.

Trust your mind/heart/soul. That's your treasure. Don't cut yourself off from the gift of your insights. Once you've got a draft, examine it for consistency. (Rambling, unfocused writing isn't going to work.) The goal is to produce a piece of writing that adheres to a consistent structure, the one that allows your authentic self to shine through.

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