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Researching Colleges? Time To Explore Your WHY

Updated: Apr 2

Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you. Knowing your WHY gives you a filter to make choices -– at school, at work, at home – wherever you are in the world.

- Simon Sinek

Author Simon Sinek believes everyone needs to know their WHY. But teenagers are busy. Spring semester is jam-packed for high school juniors touring schools, and researching online. Who has time to think about their purpose when there is a college list to build?

The thing is, exploring who you are and how you plan to contribute to a college campus is empowering. Discovering your WHY leads to clarity – for college, career and life.

Why do you want to go to college?

Free-write your response to this question, and see what pops up. Begin with general statements, then notice what happens when you dig a little deeper.

Use the following phrase as a guide for brainstorming why you want to go to college.

To _____________________ so that __________________________.


* To get a degree so that I can pursue a profession.

* To explore subjects that interest me so that I can choose a career direction that fits.

* To discover my purpose so that I can make the world a better place.

* To become an expert in medical research so that I can improve children’s health on a global scale.

* To express myself through the arts so that I can connect to my community through the non-profit I plan to create.

* To become an inspiring educator for the next generation so that they can learn and adapt to an ever-changing world.

* To study pre-law so that I can be prepared for law school and a professional career.

* To follow my passion for design and innovation so that I can become an entrepreneur.

The purpose of this exercise is to activate your thinking and connect you to the vision you have for your future. Sometimes the picture is bright and clear – you know just what you want to do, and why.

But often, the vision is hazy. There are general areas that interest you, but nothing stands out clearly. That’s great! Just begin wherever you are.

If you have a fear of commitment, no worries, this is not a contract. It’s a guide that will help you make choices in the months ahead. Your vision will evolve as you continue to explore colleges.

Enjoy the process of self-discovery.

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