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What do we learn about you?

What do we learn about you?

The essay should reveal something about you that is not evident in your application. Your personality. Convictions. Beliefs. Temperament. Intellect. Curiosity. Imagination. Creativity.


You know this. You've got this!

Finetune. Before finalizing your essay, read it aloud. Notice if there are areas that need adjusting. Does it flow? It should capture your personality and point of view.

College Essay Ink - Essay Samples.  When I teach classes or introduce essay writing in my private sessions, I share examples of student writing. In that setting, I provide relevant context so that you understand how the essay fits within the overall college application. 

Review. Personal statements integrate your story and ​your vision. You may feel excited (and relieved). And hopefully, you feel empowered, too.

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