Your application tells a story.


Your application tells a story.

Review the following categories of your application from the perspective of a college. What do they learn about you without your essay? 

Academic Record

academic courses; level of academic rigor; grades in academic courses; GPA; class rank

Test Scores

ACT; SAT; SAT Subject; AP; IB



clubs; sports; arts; academic programs; employment; community service; family commitments; independent projects

Letters of Recommendation teacher; counselor; employer; mentor; coach


Supporting Material

portfolio; audition; proof of specific program eligibility

Assignment #6

You are multi-dimensional with a unique past, present and future. No one else has lived your life. What do you want a college to know about you as a person?

Directions. Review your pre-writing and make some choices about what you may want to share about yourself in the essay. What captures your attention? Notice where you highlighted phrases, thoughts, ideas and feelings. And paragraphs, too!

Review. Now that you've done the creative groundwork it’s time to choose the

Common App Prompt that supports the story you want to tell.

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