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Engineering the Future: College Essays and Beyond

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Curiosity. It’s a trait Engineering students have in common. You’re curious about how things work, and how they can work better.

And because you’re forward-thinking, you’re curious about the impact your work will have on the way we live now, and in the future.

Check out The National Academy of Engineering and their 14 Grand Challenges for the 21st Century:

  • Make solar energy affordable

  • Provide energy from fusion

  • Develop carbon sequestration methods

  • Manage the nitrogen cycle

  • Provide access to clean water

  • Restore and improve urban infrastructure

  • Advance health informatics

  • Engineer better medicines

  • Reverse-engineer the brain

  • Prevent nuclear terror

  • Secure cyberspace

  • Enhance virtual reality

  • Advance personalized learning

  • Engineer the tools for scientific discovery

Wow. How cool is that? If you’re planning to major in Engineering, take the time to explore your why. What sparks your imagination?

Successful college essays are powered by your vision. So give us a peek into the way your mind works, and help us see into the future. (And if you're applying to the University of Southern California as an Engineering major, you'll write a supplemental essay in response to one of these challenges.)

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