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Who are you?

Assignment #4

Reflect on who you are as a high school student.

Now it's time to flip your focus. Think about yourself as a high school student. Connect to your story by gathering details from your freshman year until now. Notice if any themes emerge.


Directions. Respond to the following questions.

In high school -


  • What are your favorite classes, and why?

  • Who are your favorite teachers, coaches and mentors?

       Describe why they are meaningful to you.

  • What did you do after school and during summers?




In college -


  • Do you know what subjects you want to study?

  • Do you have plans for a major?

  • Outside of academic classes, what do you want to explore?


Review your activities and commitments with fresh eyes. Notice what truly inspired you. Highlight any areas that are meaningful to you. The goal is to reconnect with the experiences you value. 

Review. Now you’ve explored who you are as a person and as a high school student. It’s just like doing research for a paper. In this case, you are the topic!

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