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Who are you?

Assignment #4

Reflect on who you are as a high school student.

Now it's time to flip your focus. Think about yourself as a high school student. Connect to your story by gathering information and details from your freshman year until now. Notice if any themes emerge.


DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions.

In high school -


  • What are your favorite classes, and why?

  • Who are your favorite teachers, coaches and mentors? Describe why they are meaningful to you.

  • What did you do during your high school summers?

    • Did you work?

    • Have an internship?

    • Participate in sports?

    • Take classes?

    • Go to camp?

    • Travel?

    • Pursue a passion?

    • Get involved in your community?

    • Volunteer?

    • Did you have family responsibilities?

In college -


  • Do you know what subjects you want to study?

  • Do you have plans for a major?

  • Outside of academic classes, what do you want to explore?

Activities List.


The Common App asks you to list your "principal extra-curricular, volunteer and work activities." Once you have that completed, look at it with fresh eyes. Notice what truly inspired you. Did you learn or discover something that surprised you?

As you explore topics for your essays, pay attention to the details of your experiences with these activities. Write an expanded version of the typical Activities List required for college applications. The goal is to reconnect with what you did, and why you liked doing it.

Categories may include: 

  • extra-curricular activities

  • creative projects

  • achievements

  • sports

  • clubs

  • community service

  • family responsibilities

  • academics

  • electives

  • jobs

  • internships

Review. Now you’ve explored who you are as a person and as a high school student. It’s just like doing research for a paper. In this case, you are the topic!

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