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Who are you?


Assignment #3

Connect To Your Story.

Directions. Write a response to your three chosen words from Assignment 2. 

During this exercise, get in touch with insights that live below the surface of your routine thoughts. That's where you want to go – the sacred place where you are inspired to express yourself, honestly and courageously.

Sometimes it's helpful to read samples from other students to get the gist of an exercise. In that spirit, I provide a few below.


As a gentle reminder, don't be tempted to play the comparison game. So often when we read another person's writing, we compare ourselves and feel disconnected from our own power.


Trust your feelings, thoughts and experiences. 

Examples – 

Characteristic/Trait: Global Thinker


I have come to understand that I have been in a liberal bubble my entire life - where  I, and those around me, tend to bounce off similar ideas to validate our opinions. Breaking out of this comfortability was hard, but was necessary to understand how others have come to rely on their own core values - even if their core values differ from mine. Traveling and experiencing new cultures, as well as using my own privilege to help others instead of simply benefiting myself, is an ongoing journey I want to take. 

Characteristic/Trait: Artistic


I connect with this characteristic because I love to create visual art and have an appreciation for anything that is aesthetically pleasing. I like to use my visual talent to create things in my mind and transfer them onto paper. I first discovered that I truly loved creating art after I started to draw dragons in 5th grade, and ever since I have continued to improve my artistic ability with practice. Art has always been a sort of “de-stressor” for me because it allows me to express how I’m feeling in a way that is healthy. I also like to think I am artistic in other senses other than visual because I love to write stories and create poetry.

Characteristic/Trait: Leader


 I am president of a club at my school where we discuss global relations and cultural exchanges. As one of the few women of color in my class, I believe it is important to generate conversations about race and why it is vital part of feminism. While my experiences as a woman may be similar to others, I must speak from the “I” perspective when talking about my experiences as a Black woman in America. In order to learn how to introduce new and effective diversity initiatives in private schools like mine, I went to a national conference on student diversity and leadership where I learned tactics in dealing with racial incidents at my high school. I met others who were from diverse groups who simply wanted to learn how they could be allies. I brought this information back with me and to the administrators’ doors, explaining to them what I’ve learned and how it could be applied to the school’s curriculum. 

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