Who are you?


Assignment #1

Reflect on who you are as a person.​​

Connect to your story. Explore your thoughts, ideas and feelings. What images come to mind? Get in touch with your senses, including touch, sight, taste, smell, sound.  Use descriptive language that is natural to you.

DIRECTIONS: Free-write responses to the following questions that speak to you. Allow yourself to be surprised. This is an exploration. Go with the flow.

  • What do you truly love doing?

  • What sparks your imagination?

  • What issues cause you to rant, and why?

  • What do you struggle with, and how do you persevere?

  • What activities get you in a state of flow?

  • What personal traits are you glad to possess?

  • Can you describe the world you come from?

  • Was there a moment when you felt you were no longer a child?

  • What inspires you to act? To give? To do? To learn?

  • Are you an expert at something?

  • How do you express your creativity?

  • What problem are you driven to solve?

  • Can you describe the origins of your personal ambition?

  • How do you connect to your community?

  • Have you ever been part of a project that inspired you?

  • What guiding principles do you rely on?

  • Is there an event that changed the direction of your life?

  • You meet up with your Future Self. What do you say?

  • Describe a place that is special to you. Where is it, and what are you doing?

How did it go? Underline anything that moves you or captures your imagination.

Notice where you're inspired to keep writing.  

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