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  • Susan Treadwell

Interdisciplinary Studies: A Unique Direction

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Here's a question for the busy, college essay-writing high school student:

What’s your secret-sauce – the academic ingredients that inspire you, intellectually and creatively?

For example, you may envision interesting combinations of academic study: public policy and environmental design; psychology and music; business and biotech. The possibilities are infinite.

Respect the way your mind works, and talk-it-out with your favorite mentor or teacher. So many students have a compelling vision, but simply don't take the time to get it out of their heads. Their inner-dialogue goes something like this:

"I really care about the environment. It bothers me that my own city neighborhood is full of trash, with overflowing garbage cans, fast food containers stuck in gutters, and the whole toxic stew that ends up in the ocean. The thing is, no one around here seems to care. What would it take to change that mindset?"

Aha! This is how a personal insight or gut-check can ripple out into something larger. Environmental Studies. Psychology. Strategic Communication. Imagine the academic combinations that are relevant here.

College application essays allow you to communicate the wider vision you have for your future. Listen to the voice inside – the one that just won't quit. The one that is driven to find creative solutions, and make a positive impact in the world.

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